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BCA Flat at Surya Vihar

By the end of 1987, the Association had a bank balance of around Rs. 3 Lakhs with Vijaya Bank. With the initiative of the President Mr. N.M.Shetty and the then General Secretary Mr. R. A. Pakkal, a proposal to go for a Flat for BCA, immediately was put before the committee. The executive committee earnestly realized  the need to have a permanent address for BCA Delhi. Hence a flat was bought at Surya Vihar, Near the Delhi Gurgaon Border for Rs. 8.25 Lakh. In 1988-89. The efforts put by Mr. A.B.S.Shetty for booking the Flat and coordination all subsequent activities for fund raising by Mr. R.A.Pakkal as General Secretary and Mr. Rajeev M. Shetty  as Treasurer are praiseworthy. The Committee brought out two successive souvenirs and raised more than 6 Lakhs. Mr. Suresh Shetty, Mr B.K.S.Shetty and the Vijaya Bank team are remembered for their maximum contributions to the fund raising efforts. Many Committee Members have donated generously to furnish the flat. We place on record a few names like M/s. K.C. Shetty, H.D.Sooda, Arvind Hegde, Jayaram K.Shetty, Sanjeev B. Shetty & K.T.Shetty. The Flat is now utilized for community gatherings, conducting meetings, small functions, festive occasions or any emergency requirements. Since distance wise it is not suiting most members with the added traffic woes, the place has been put on rent.

First National Convention of Bunts 

The passion and the urge to action are the very stuff of life

During the  eventful year of the Asiad Games of 1982, the new Managing Committee headed by Mr. N. M. Shetty as President, Late Mr. Y. Ananda Shetty as General Secretary, successfully set the idea for the National Convention of Bunts in Delhi, despite the lack of infrastructure and facility. BCA hosted the All India Bunts Convention in Delhi for the first time in the history of Bunts on 24th  & 25th of January 1983. Prof K.S.Hegde, the then Vice Chancellor of Mysore University, was the Chief Guest. Distinguished delegates from all over the country attended and two days convention and participated with constructive proposals, which included forming a National Federation of Bunt Sanghas, which was subsequently formed in Mangalore. The  convention also strongly advocated the move to abolish the dowry system and formation of a corpus to assist the deserving people of the community in the field of health care, education and other related issues. BCA Delhi was one of the first members of the National Federation of Bunt Sanghas. BCA Delhi was represented by our dynamic President Mr.N.M.Shetty and late Mr. Y. Aananda Shetty at the World Convention of Bunts held in Bangalore in 1996. Mr. N. M. Shetty also Chaired one of the sessions.

25  Years of Bunts Cultural Association, Delhi

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Let us turn the hour glass back in time by 25 years and relive the land marks and footprints
left behind by the stalwarts of our community in this historical city of Delhi.

The foundation for the BCA Delhi was laid thanks to the efforts and hard work by some of the dynamic and enterprising Bunts like M/s. K.S.Naik, K.Balakrishna Shetty, K.Raviraj Hegde, K. Sadanada Shetty, K.T.Shetty, Arvind Hegde, S.B.Shetty, Ananda Krishna Shetty, Vaman S. Poonja, to name a few, which culminated in its formation in the month of August 1977, with Mr. K. Shankar Naik as President and Mr. K.Balakrishna Shetty as the General Secretary and a formal inauguration took place on 22-03-1978 by Late Shri M.Sunderam Shetty, the then Chairman of Vijaya Bank Ltd., which was also attended by the then Speaker, Late Justice K. S. Hegde, Dr. K. Nagappa Alva & Shri H. Balakrishna Shetty.

No stone was left unturned by the then General Secretary Mr. K. Balakrishna Shetty in enrolling Bunts to the BCA personally visiting their homes and offices.

BCA Delhi had the proud privilege of felicitating Justice K. S. Hegde on his becoming the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Justice K.S.Hegde is one of the greatest sons of the Bunt Community, who despite his humble beginnings and unfavorable circumstances rose to occupy such coveted positions. He  rose from the position of a public prosecutor at Mangalore to the Bench of the High Court of Karnataka. He went on to become a Judge of the Supreme Court of India culminating in his adorning the office of the Speaker of Lok Sabha. He was the guiding luminary during the formative years. Of BCA Delhi.